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Adidas launches Zonyk Aero Pro sunglasses

9 Mar 2017

Get the Movistar look with Adidas's new half-rim-style Zonyk sunnies

Going for a pro look on the bike is a tightrope act.

Go retro and turn up at your next club run in, say, a classic 1984 Peugeot chessboard jersey and you’ll probably spark a (very long) conversation about Sean Yates’ cycling prowess.

Opt for the full-on fan-boy Team Sky homage – including replica jersey and bibs – and you’ll likely get spurned.

So how do you tip a hat to the modern peloton without inviting unpleasant snobbery? By being subtle about it, of course.

Take these new Zonyk Aero Pro sunnies from Adidas. These are the very shades that Alex Dowsett and his Team Movistar chums will be looking dapper in as they tear up various events this year, having helped the sportswear giant to develop them.

Wear a pair of these and you can not only adopt a drop of pro-peloton élan but also benefit from all the tech that’s gone into making them such a thoroughly good pair of glasses.

Maximum vision

First up, the frame: that half-rim design has been developed to maximise peripheral and lower vision – vital for racers who need to see clearly what and who’s around them.

It’s also, as you’d expect, super-light, has integrated vents to prevent the lenses fogging up, a detachable foam sweat bar, a customisable nose bridge (so you can get a bespoke fit for your face), plus an all-new lens-locking system that allows you to swap the different lenses it comes with easily.

And those lenses have all been developed to aid the pro racer, too. As well as old-school polarising and mirrored options, Adidas has also developed what they call Light Stabilising Technology (LST) and VARIO lenses.

The former aim to keep your peepers perky and improve concentration, while the latter can cope with shifting light conditions. All of which adds up to pro-peloton tech and style that you can wear without fear of sneering comments.

The Zonyk Aero Pro will be available in 12 colours, and will join the full-rim Zonyk Pro in Adidas' 2017 when it goes on sale in the next month. Expect prices in the £160-£200 range.

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