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Bradley Wiggins sets new Hour record

Bradley Wiggins Hour Record Primary - Jordan Gibbons
Jordan Gibbons
9 Jun 2015

Wiggin sets a distance of 54.526 at Lea Valley Velopark

As a generation we’ve been remarkably lucky. We’ve passed over the millennium (and avoided the bug), we’ve seen a man jump from space and a couple of solar eclipses. As a cycling generation, and nation, we’re in uncharted territory. We’ve won the Tour de France (twice), the Road World Championships, an Olympic Gold, the ITT World Championships and now we’ve reclaimed the Hour record.

Before the event there were many people trying to guess the distance he was going to cover. 55km plus seemed like a reasonable estimate – some even suggested he would end up 56km plus and put the record to bed and pass Chris Boardman’s ‘Best Human Effort’. The day before Graham Obree suggested that due to the high air pressure we should expect a distance of 54.5km, and he was bang on. He obviously knows a thing or two about the record that Obree chap.

Bradley Wiggins Hour Record  - Jordan Gibbons

As a nation, we have a long history with the Hour. It arguably reached its peak in the 1990s when Obree and Boardman swapped kilometres. Now it looks like we have a new rivalry forming. Alex Dowsett set a distance of 52.937km in May this year, but now Bradley Wiggins has bettered it by 1.589 (a nudge over 6 laps).

Having been at the velodrome, although it might be rich of me to say it - they both looked in good shape at the end. No collapsing. No supplementary oxygen. They both looked like they had a little bit more in them that could be teased out. Less than 48 hours later and it seems that Alex Dowsett has already suggested he’d like another crack at it. Bradley Wiggins hasn’t put the Hour record to bed at all – he’s just set it going. 

Bradley Wiggins Hour Record Olympic Velodrome Finished - Jordan Gibbons