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Gallery: Top 10 on-trend designs from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show

James Spender
15 Mar 2017

Our correspondent at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show picks out 10 on-trend designs from this year’s exhibition

Welcome to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2017. Or NAHBS to its friends… most of which are American. This year it’s in Salt Lake City, interestingly also home to Reynolds Wheels.

The Salt Palace Convention Centre, where NAHBS took place. It’s largely made of metal and glass

Top 10 on-trend bike designs from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show

1) Mosaic’s RT1 road bike. Frame pumps from Silca were a popular addition to a lot of bikes on show

2) More frame pumps along with Enve components, this time from Cielo, a Chris King brand

3) Just because you’ve got rad paint, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a pump peg

4) As always Tom Ritchey was way ahead of the trend

5) And you thought Mavic Open Pros were a thing of the past... Mavic's revamped rim is wider and allegedly tubeless compatible.

Bring back 32-hole radial laced wheels!

6) Carbon fibre disc rotors from US brand SiC, and featured on Cherubim’s newest creation

Who said mudguards weren’t cool, or entirely appropriate for a carbon rotored disc bike. Note, aluminium bidon with cork stopper

7) More exemplary mudguards on this Mosaic, made by Enve

8) Rotor had Parlee’s disc-brake faired TT bike on show

These are for aero reasons, but could Parlee have inadvertently solved the manufacturers v riders disc problem?

Neatness personified, chapeau Bob Parlee and team

9) This is a mechanical Shimano Dura-Ace lever (the right hand is Di2).

The bike is a one-by, so with the redundant shifting mechanism Stinner has created a lever that operates a dropper seatpost

The dropper post on the Stinner all-road

10) Titanium printed lugs are becoming more widespread; there were two brands on show with this technique.

These examples are from Tokyo based Orbitrec

The other examples were on this bike from Metier

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