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The Distance is a new multi-day adventure ride; but you won't know the route in advance

Joseph Delves
17 Mar 2017

Self-supported big weekend with a mystery route

Pitched somewhere between an adventure race and a weekend long escapade, The Distance promises to provide both mystery miles and hot showers. Tapping into the trend for gravel racing and adventure cycling, The Distance aims to be a new kind of event. Organised by the team behind the sell out Dirty Reiver, The Distance will cover a mixture of gravel tracks and paved roads crisscrossing the Galloway Forest Park in Scotland.

A suitably wild location for an adventure, the forest hosts a network of trails and little travelled backroads. Uniquely, without a pre-released route riders will be setting off into the unknown. At each checkpoint the next section of the route will be supplied on a printed map or as a GPX file.

On reaching every stop riders will also need to complete a brevet card. The quicker riders get to each checkpoint the further they’ll be sent on. This means the course will vary in distance to match the abilities of each individual rider.

'The general concept for the event is a non-competitive adventurous challenge, within a sociable weekend of riding,' explained organiser Andy Williamson.

'The test will come from trying to complete the full route, and the adventure from not knowing where you'll finish up.'

Camping out overnight, participants will need to be self-sufficient in carrying their own equipment, including sleeping bag and shelter. However, both hot showers and meals will be provided at the secret evening meet up location.

'The aim is to have all riders arriving at an overnight camp on Saturday within an hour of each other. Some will have ridden 90 plus miles, some 60, but all will arrive to hot food, a comfortable camp and a fully stocked bar,' said event partner and Kinesis Bikes manager Bruce Dalton.

The following day will comprise a more sedate return to the race’s start point, covering around 40 miles on scenic minor roads and past beaches, cafes and taking in a midday ice cream stop.

Held on the weekend of 10th-11th June, entry will be limited to 150 riders.

More information and entry details can be found here:

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