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Dame Sarah Storey to launch new women's team

Josh Cunningham
20 Mar 2017

Britain's most successful Paralympian to launch new elite women's team

Dame Sarah Storey, Britain's most successful ever Paralympian with 25 medals across cycling and swimming disciplines, is set to launch a new elite women's cycling team. 

Husband Barney Storey, who himself has won three Paralympic medals as a pilot, will co-found the setup, which they hope will in time become a UCI-registered team. 

'I am delighted to be able to bring an elite women's racing team back into the UK peloton,' Storey said. 'We want to encourage everyone to give their best from a platform in the UK. 

'I hope this new platform will give us a strong basis on which to build over the coming years as there remains a unique opportunity to create a world-dominating, entirely British-focused professional team should the right backing be found,' she said, indicating that the duo are still looking for financial backing for the venture. 

'As we see better and better coverage for women's racing, and therefore a greater return on investment for sponsors, we hope to play a part in creating that opportunity,' she added finally.

Neah Evans, Bethany Crumpton, Monica Dew, EJay Harris, Katie Prankerd and Hannah Dines are riders on the team who were part of the Storeys' previous team, Podium Ambition, while Dannielle Khan, Jennifer George, Laura Cameron, Chanel Mason and junior Mercy Webb join as new faces.

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