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Sport England withhold funding due to 'concerns' over British Cycling

Josh Cunningham
22 Mar 2017

£17m of grass roots funding to be withheld until British Cycling can ease 'concerns'

Sport England is to delay a decision on the allocation of £17m of grass roots funding for cycling until British Cycling, the sport's national governing body, can ease 'concerns' over the way it is run. 

The news comes after a draft version of an independent review into British Cycling was leaked, which cited a 'culture of fear', 'dysfunctional leadership structure', and ineptitude within the body.

'The current draft report raises concerns about decision-making within that governing body,' said Nick Bitel, Sport England's chair, as a result. 

The full report was supposed to be released late last year, but has been delayed on multiple occasions due to the amount of evidence compiled and to give an opportunity to those involved a chance to respond. 

British Cycling has said that an action plan is being put in place to address the problems that the report appears to have unearthed, but Bitel said, 'We decided that more work on their action plan was required. 

'We need to ensure that all sports organisations that receive public funding meet the highest standards of governance.' 

'We will need to consider the final report of the Cycling Independent Review, and a more developed version of British Cycling's action plan on governance, before our board makes a decision about any additional requirements we might put in place,' Bitel added. 'We anticipate this position being reached within the next month.'

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