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SRAM update their road disc brake range

SRAM Calipers
Jordan Gibbons
12 Jun 2015

Road disc brake calipers updated for Shimano FlatMount

SRAM have updated their full road disc brake range to be compatible with the new Shimano FlatMount interface. Unlike all previous units from SRAM that have been a modified MTB caliper, the new FlatMount calipers have been designed for road bikes from the ground up.

The SRAM calipers are compatible with 160 and 140mm rotors both front and rear. Swapping between 160mm and 140mm at the front is as simple as flipping the mount adaptor around 180 degrees. The rear is natively 140mm but can be pushed out to 160mm with caliper spacers (which are included). That said SRAM recommend that you use 160mm rotors front and rear. The same caliper is used at the front and rear. 

Early adopters will be delighted to hear that the new calipers are compatible with existing HRD control levers and bleeding procedure (and hardware) remains the same. We were lucky to go through a full system bleed with SRAM tech Jan Mueller – full tutorial here: How to bleed SRAM road disc brakes

 We’re in Italy at the moment and have been giving the new SRAM Red hydraulic a thorough test on some steep mountain descents. Initial impressions of the updated calipers are excellent with greatly improved modulation. Despite plenty of hairpin turns, and a rather hairy 30% right hander, there was no noticeable fade. In fact we’d go as far as to say that these are the best road hydraulic disc brakes we’ve ever used. We’ve got a SRAM Red HRD groupset in for review so look out for a full report.

SRAM Red Disc Front Flat Mount

Full release is scheduled for September this year with prices below – although we don’t currently know the price of the caliper alone we are assured this will be available at the same time.


(all with: 160mm rotor, 800mm hose, mounting bracket and hardware)

RED: 459g

Force: 489g

Rival: 496g


SRAM RED 22 HRD Shift-brake lever & flat mount caliper £394

SRAM Force 22 HRD Shift-brake lever & flat mount caliper £300

SRAM Force 1 HRD Brake lever & flat mount caliper £252

SRAM Rival 22 HRD Shift-brake lever & flat mount caliper £284

SRAM Rival 1 HRD Brake lever & flat mount caliper £227 

Prices and weights are for one wheel only.

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