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£900 Mavic Comete cycling shoe announced

Josh Cunningham
23 Mar 2017

New shoe takes inspiration from ski boots, using an inner bootie and carbon outer

Mavic have announced the launch of a new road shoe, the Comete, which is due to be marketed for £900. 

The shoe takes inspiration from the design of ski boots and in-line skates, integrating a carbon outer shell and a material inner to encase the foot. 

'The concept is to create rigidity, stability and lightweight,' say Mavic. 'We can achieve that by removing the internal mounting insole and creating a shell. We cannot go full custom-made so we found the solution of an internal bootie. It has to be as thin as possible to maximise performance.' 

The Comete project began as far back as 2011, with prototypes using the two integrated elements being made and improved upon since then, with Quickstep's Dan Martin using the latest version during the 2016 season.

So where does the £900 price tag justification come in? Mavic say that the carbon shell uses a lot of production processes, using different thicknesses, carbon layering and fibres. The bootie inner supposedly has hitherto unseen ventilation capabilities too. 

Because of the resulting stiffness to weight ratio and lack of an internal midsole, the shoe has just 4.5mm of stack height. Mavic's figures suggest this unique construction of the Comete enables more muscle activation throughout the pedal stroke compared to its previous top-end shoe, the Cosmic, eliminating the deadspot for a claimed 15% energy saving. 

The tightening dial, heel pad, and both the inner bootie and carbon outer, are all replaceable. 

The Comete will be launching on 24th April, and is due to be available in 50 selected shops worldwide for £900 / 1,000 EUR.

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