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Isadore Climbers' kit review

29 Mar 2017

A classy outfit that doesn’t sacrifice technicality for style

If you’re shopping for good quality cycling jerseys and bibs, you mainly have three options. There’s the stylish, understated look, as championed by the likes of Rapha and Ashmei. Or you can go for the more trendy, highly patterned kit being offered by a growing number of new brands. Or you can focus on technical gear that provides certain performance benefits.

Isadore has managed to combine aspects of all three of these options in its Climbers' jersey and bibshorts. The initial look is elegant simplicity, with an uncluttered block of dark blue, but the sleeves add a designer element with a funky swirl pattern.

It’s a blend that works well, meaning that the Isadore kit manages to display its individuality without resorting to garishness.

Alongside the blue, the Climbers' jersey comes in a range of other colours, including muted shades of green, yellow, orange, grey and white, each with its own sleeve pattern.

As the name suggests, the Climbers' jersey is made for heading uphill and uses lightweight fabrics that help to regulate temperature.

The main body of the jersey is constructed from what Isadore calls a ‘merino bi-component material’, meaning it is 23% merino wool and 77% polyester.

The merino naturally absorbs UV radiation and helps the body to stay cool, while the polyester ensures it stays light and easy to manage. The sleeves are Lycra for a flap-free fit where it’s needed most.

Cyclist tested the jersey in 37°C heat in Ethiopia (see issue 60) and it proved highly efficient. It never became sweat-soaked or clammy, and remained comfortable throughout a long day in the saddle.

Pure racers might want something a touch more form-fitting around the torso, but this is more likely to be Sunday best kit for big rides in the mountains.

The Climbers' bibshorts feel robust in comparison to the jersey, but that is to their advantage. They feel supportive in all the right places, without restricting movement thanks to panels of stretchier material on the sides.

The shorts are fairly long in the leg, which is an advantage if you’re a beanpole and are sick of Italian brands that provide bibs that resemble hotpants. Long shorts look more pro.

And with options for matching socks and cap, it’s an ensemble that will look classy on any ride.

Isadore Climbers' Jersey Albula: €135 (£115) ; Isadore Climbers' bibshorts: €159 (£135)

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