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Czech made Phantom to premier at Bristol Bespoked

Joseph Delves
29 Mar 2017

Handmade yet ultra high tech bike from Duratec

Czech bicycle manufacturer Duratec is to premier its Phantom road bike at the Bespoked Handmade Bicycle show in Bristol this April. While the term handmade is often associated with small-batch steel fabrication, having designed the frame, the moulds and the production processes, despite the bike’s slick looks the brand’s approach can still definitely be called hands on.

'Coming up with a functional production technology is far more demanding in terms of time, finance and technology than designing the frame itself,' explained Milan Duchek, head of development and founder of the brand.

Making frames since 1997 and utilising carbon fibre since 2001, at the heart of the bike is the brand’s unique Accurately Fitted Continuous Fibre layup, which fits the fibre in the longest possible section without interruption.

'High-quality material is the foundation, but shaping it into the form of a racing bike frame without a single join is a technically highly-demanding matter,' the brand explained.

'Just to give you an idea of the complexity, the composite unit consists of four hundred pieces, each one of which has its precise position, alignment, shape and level.

'The fitting of the fibres is a factor which fundamentally influences the resultant product. Duratec developed its own AFCF fitting technology back in 2010.

'The principle is simple: to fit the fibre in the longest possible section without interruption…creating a super strong, stiff yet forgiving and lightweight construction.'

Fabricated in the town of Město Touškov in the Czech Republic the Phantom is constructed from a mix of Toray T1100 and Granoc fibers, combined with Nanoalloy resin.

With a 57cm frame weighing a claimed 760 grams the Phantom has recently received UCI approval for use in elite racing.

Designed in collaboration with Jiří Ježek, one of the world's most successful paralympic cyclists, the Olympian and former prosthetics technician has competed on Duratec's bicycles for over 15 years, including at London 2012.

Coming to the UK for the first time, the frame will be shown on the Bicycles By Design stand at the Bespoked show in Bristol which takes place from 7th to 9th April.

If you make it down, be sure to say ‘hi’ to our own James Spender, who’ll be there to judge one of the best-in-show categories.

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