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Demystifying airline charges for globetrotting cyclists

Joseph Delves
30 Mar 2017

Infographic makes plain the cost of travelling the world with your bike. Click through the gallery above to see charges around the world

The cost of transporting your bike by plane varies so wildly between airlines that the headline cost of many flights can quickly disappear into irrelevancy, once buried beneath the size of the additional fees demanded by most carriers.

Handily, Yellow Jersey insurance has created a series of easily understandable infographics that’ll help riders choose the best airline for transporting their bike when travelling abroad.

Having previously been restricted to Europe, the graphics now also cover the US, Central and South America, along with Africa, Asia and Australia.

They make immediately obvious the vast differences between airlines when it comes to the cost of adding a bike to your luggage allowance, highlighting the values of always shopping around before you book.

The best deals

For instance if you’re travelling to North America trying to bag a flight with Canadian airline Air Transat is definitely worth a shot. They’ll let you take a bike across the Atlantic for a truly bargainous £20, cheaper than the fee on most short haul flights. British Airways and Virgin will want a not too extortionate £65, significantly less than the wincingly expensive $200 that United demands.

If you’re considering circumnavigating the globe, the cost of taking your bike to its far side is in some cases so high you’d be better buying a new bike when you land.

Taking your own to Asia or Australia will cost as much as $60 per kilogram of bike with Cathay Pacific or $300 per bike with Qatar. However, by comparison BA wants a very reasonable £65 extra.

And if all that gets you in the mood for a bit of globe-trotting, check out our guide to taking a cycling holiday.

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