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Great Britain to ride old frames at world championships after Cervelo ones keep breaking

Cyclist magazine
4 Apr 2017

Bikes used in Rio unsuitable for use at upcoming World Championships in Hong Kong

Great Britain will be riding old bikes at the upcoming track World Championships in Hong Kong, it has emerged, as the Cervelo-manufactured 'T5GB' models - as used in Rio - have apparently all become unusable. 

The Daily Mail reports that during the summer Olympics the Great Britain team almost ran out of useable bikes completely, due to the frequency at which they were breaking under the stresses of high-power exertion. Jason Kenny, Laura Kenny and Ed Clancy were named as riders who had experienced a high number of problems. 

Other riders such as sprinter Philip Hindes and pursuiter Elinor Barker chose not to use the Cervelo T5GB bikes at all, opting for an older bike - developed by UKSI (UK Sports Institute) - used in previous competitions. 

According to the Mail, the entirety of the Great Britain will be aboard these older bikes in Hong Kong, where the World Championships begin on April 12th. 

'Due to the unprecedented speed and quality of the work involved by staff on both sides of the partnership, the T5GB bike was developed and manufactured ahead of schedule, making it possible for many riders to compete on this model in Rio,' British Cycling said in a statement released to Cyclist. 

'The results of the track cycling team speak for themselves and British Cycling was and still is delighted with the bike's performance, which was made possible by the outstanding contribution of Cervelo.'

'British Cycling and Cervelo are continuing to work together to ensure our riders are once again given the best possible bike, along with the best possible chance of success in Tokyo.'

'We will for the upcoming 2017 UCI Track Cycling World Championships be applying the same equipment protocols as were in place for the 2016 Track World Championships in London.' 

The British team used UKSI bikes at that 2016 World Championships.

Even if the team are on these in Hong Kong though, it seems British Cycling's intentions for the coming Tokyo 2020 Olympic cycle are still very much Cervelo-orientated. 

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