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Disc rotor covers for pro peloton under investigation

Josh Cunningham
6 Apr 2017

Professional cyclists association posts photos of plastic disc rotor covers, and says 'we are on track'

The CPA (professional cyclists association) yesterday revealed pictures of a plastic disc rotor cover that, as part of a dialogue with the UCI's Equipment Commission, it says is being investigated.

'Yesterday the Working Group of the [UCI's] Equipment Commission has taken a step forward to meet the demands of the CPA and the riders on the disc brakes: the start of an investigation on the security guard,' the CPA said. 'We are on track, thanks for listening!'

The pictures show two rotor covers; a black and a grey version of what appears to be a similar vented cover, attaching from a fin to the brake calliper, with a hole for the axle to pass through. 

With so much of the rotor covered, it is quite conceivable that if there is a safety issue with disc brake rotors, these plastic shields could reduce it considerably. 

Disc brakes were initially introduced to the pro peloton in 2015 as part of trial, which was abandoned in 2016 after Fran Ventoso attributed a gash on his leg to a disc brake, prompting an uproar about the safety concerns that come with the presence of disc brakes. 

The CPA was unhapy with the way the test was introduced, but has never been totally against the use of disc brakes. 

'We are not against technology and innovation, and we don't want to disappoint the sponsors so that they don't invest in our sport anymore,' it told Cyclist after the Ventoso incident. 'We just want to suspend it for now, and look for a better solution.'

The trial was reintroduced at the start of this year, and has again been met with dissaproval from some riders after incidents such as Owain Doull claiming a rotor cut his foot in a crash.

Regardless, other riders are still championing them, and they have been used by multiple teams throughout the 2017 season. 

It is not known at what stage of investigations the UCI's Equipment Commission, which is formed of representatives from across the world of cycle sport, including the CPA, is at. Or indeed if we are due to see these - or a similar - rotor cover, appear in the near future. 

The fact that investigations are being held, however, will surely be encouraging for a lot of people. 


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