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Watch: Police pick up Paris-Roubaix rider for riding on motorway

Andrea Guardini of UAE Emirates was trying to get back to Roubaix quickly after abandoning the race

Josh Cunningham
10 Apr 2017

One witness was able to film Guardini as he made his way to the finish on the A23

Andrea Guardini (UAE Emirates) had a rather eventful end to his Paris-Roubaix experience yesterday, when it ended in the back of a police vehicle after the rider was caught riding on a motorway. 

The Italian Guardini abandoned the race at the second feed station, and based upon advice there, decided that in order to get to Roubaix as quickly as possible, he would take the A23 motorway, which is the main route into the Lille/Roubaix conurbation from the east. 

'They told me to take the shortest route and I took it literally,' said Guardini in a note on his Facebook page.

'Luckily the Gendarmes found me and picked me up. I have to thank them a lot,' Guardini continued. 

After his 'dangerous riding', Guardini was taken to the Villeneuve-d'Ascq police station, where he waited until being picked up by his team later that evening. 

'I was able to watch the end of the race, which was nice, and I was able to contact my wife and team, who were wondering where I was.' 

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