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Fabio Aru ruled out of Giro d'Italia due to knee injury

Josh Cunningham
11 Apr 2017

Italian suffered knee injury after a training crash and must now take ten days completely off

Astana rider and Giro d'Italia hope Fabio Aru has ruled himself out of the race after a knee injury suffered during a training ride.

The team reported last week that Aru's front tyre had blown while he was out training, causing the Italian to crash and fall victim of a 'blunt trauma to his left knee, with involvement of the patella.'

The photo Aru posted of his knee on Twitter clearly shows significant swelling, but x-rays found that no fracture was present. However, Aru has since been diagnosed with pre patellar bursitis, which causes pain when he pedals.

As a result, he has been advised to take ten days of total rest and rehab, with the team also announcing that Aru will not be participating in the Giro, which he was due to lead the team at.

'I'm so sorry and disappointed for what happened,' said Aru. 'I was dreaming the Giro Start from my Sardinia and we were preparing the Giro since months. Unfortunately, the accident occurred, don’t allow me to be at the start in sufficient conditions and albeit with great regret, we are forced to give up.'

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