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Fabric launches cageless water bottle

Fabric water bottle uses custom mounts that weigh a mere 3g

Fabric cageless water bottle
Jordan Gibbons
23 Jun 2015

With their simple but well designed saddles, Fabric have long been considered some of cycling’s favourite innovators and now they’ve launched a new product – the cageless water bottle. They’re not the first people with a cageless water bottle (Vincero design have made a magnetic one for a few years) but it’s the best we’ve seen so far.

Fabric cageless water bottle mount

The design is really simple and that’s the key to the product. The Fabric water bottle uses some little plastic bobbins that screw into the standard water bottle mounting points and add just 3g of weight to your bike. The bottle then just slots onto those bobbins. Fabric say that they’ve done extensive testing, including off-road jaunts, and have found their water bottle is much more secure than traditional cages.

Fabric cageless water bottle riding

Fabric have been quite honest in that they don’t see this replacing every water bottle in the world but it could be a great alternative for plenty of people. The obvious place we can think it would come in handy would be on a travel bike that needs to be split in half before being packed up.

Fabric currently have 600ml bottles that will be available in August 2015 and priced at £11.99. There is 750ml bottle coming later in the year.


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