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Box Hill: One way only (uphill) over Easter weekend

Cyclist magazine
13 Apr 2017

Traffic restricted to 'uphill only' on the Surrey cyclists' favourite zig-zag climb

Boxhill's famous zig-zag climb will have traffic on it restricted to one way (uphill) only over the Easter weekend. 

The announcement was made by the Surrey Hills National Trust on Facebook, and explains that the restriction will be in place on the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th of April.

'All traffic, including bicycles, will only be able to travel uphill from the junction of the Old London Road at Mickelham to the Smith and Western restaurant at the top of Box Hill,' said the Trust. 

The weather for the Easter weekend in Surrey is expected to be largely cloudy, but nonetheless dry, and so Box Hill - the UK's most popular climb according to Strava - will likely be overrun with cyclists. 

But while some might be slightly miffed at not being able to ride back down the zig-zag route, the positives of being able to enjoy the space and safety of a one-way carraigeway on the way up is surely of greater benefit to all - motorists and cyclists alike. 

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