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Survey finds motorists overwhelmingly in support of new London cycle lanes

Cyclist magazine
19 Apr 2017

The survey, taken from over 1,300 motorists, found 80% are in favour of new cycle lanes being built

A survey conducted by Servicing Stop, a company that provides online car servicing, has revealed some interesting figures relating to the views of motorists on cycle lanes in London. 

The survey was carried out in April 2017, with a pool of 1,337 motorists contributing to the findings.


80% of motorists were found to be in favour of new cycle lanes being built, while 71% said that cyclists on the roads wasn't something that particularly bothered them. 

More telling figures were revealed when the motorists were asked how to best describe their feelings towards new cycles lanes being constructed using parts of the road that are currently intended for cars. 

Almost a third (31%) said that they would make the road safer, while another 31% said they would encourage more people to cycle. 

Contradictory to what a lot of people may assume the feelings of motorists to be, only 7% felt that the new lanes were completely unnecessary, while 13% said they cause too much congestion. 18% said that they make the roads more dangerous. 

CEO and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond, said: 'The new cycle lanes have divided public opinion since work started at the end of last year. They have cost a great deal of public money and while we cannot yet tell if they will have an affect on the number of road traffic accidents involving cyclists, if motorists are behind the plan then at least both sets of road users will be driving harmoniously.'


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