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Easton launches new CINCH bottom bracket-based power meter

Easton CINCH Power Meter available as an add-on to preexisting crank arms

Cyclist magazine
20 Apr 2017

Easton has launched a brand new bottom bracket-based power meter, the CINCH, to add as an upgrade to its preexisting crankarms. 

The meter is based entirely in the spindle that runs through the bottom bracket, and uses a one-sided measuring system - on the non-drive side - to get a figure that is then doubled to give power output. 

According to Easton, once added to the EC90 SL crankarms the system only adds a mere 65g to the weight of the chainset as a whole, and because of the integration between parts it means that chainring sizes and crank arm length can be changed without affecting the meter's accuracy. 

The device is claimed to have around 400 hours of battery life, and is recharged via a micro-USB port that can be accessed by removing the crankarm.

With both ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, the system is compatible with both smartphones and cycling computers alike, and there is also a downloadable app that can be used to calibrate the meter, install firmware updates, and tell the user how much battery is left.

UK pricing has yet to be made available, but the power meter by itself retails for US $599.99. However, if you don't already own a pair of EC90 SL crank arms on which to fit the meter, you'll need to invest in a pair of these too, which will set you back another $949.99.

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