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Andrei Grivko receives 45-day ban for punching Marcel Kittel

Ban comes as a consequence of an incident between the two riders at the Dubai Tour in February

Josh Cunningham
20 Apr 2017

Astana rider Andrei Grivko has been given a 45-day ban by the UCI for his part in an incident involving Marcel Kittel at the Dubai Tour.

The incident occurred on 2nd February, but the UCI have now released details that Grivko will be banned from competition from 1st May to 14th June 2017 under article 12.1.005 of the UCI regulations (cited at page bottom). 

The Ukranian rider is reported to have punched Kittel during stage three of the race, and while admitting some 'unsportsmanlike' behaviour, Grivko said that it had been a reaction to Kittel riding dangerously and shoulder barging in the peloton during the stage finale. 

'I apologize to the race organizers, to all the fans, and of course, to my team for this unpleasant incident,' said Grivko at the time, but he was quickly ejected from the race.

Kittel wasn't so forgiving though: 'I won't accept an apology for this,' he said. 'That has nothing to do with cycling. What Grivko did is a shame for our beautiful sport.'

However, he did show some humour with a later tweet:

Grivko, no doubt, will be struggling to see the funny side though as he sits out on 45 days of the cycling season. 

UCI regulations: article 12.1.005

Anyone subject to UCI Regulations shall be suspended for a minimum of one and a maximum of six months, who:

1. behaves in a violent manner or uses defamatory or abusive language to or about a commissaire, a UCI body or its members or, in general, anyone performing a function provided for in the UCI Constitution or Regulations, or

2. behaves in such a way as to blemish the image, the reputation or the interests of cycling or the UCI, or

3. without valid reason, fails to respond when convened or summoned by a UCI authority or disciplinary body.

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