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One Pro Cycling apologise after rider's gesture causes upset

Josh Cunningham
24 Apr 2017

Picture shows rider raising middle finger to opponent while crossing the finish line

One Pro Cycling have apologised after one of their riders, 23-year-old New Zealander Hayden McCormick, caused upset with a gesture he made at the finish of the Rutland-Melton International CiCLE Classic.

McCormick raised his middle finger at Metaltek-Kuota rider Dan Fleeman as the pair crossed the line of the UCI 1.2 event held in the UK on Sunday.

After having escaped together in the final kilometres, reports suggest that there was a miscommunication between the two riders over whether or not Fleeman would contest the sprint. 

When he did - and won it - McCormick vented his frustrations by raising his middle finger.

One Pro Cycling have since released an apology for his actions though, saying: 'The management of One Pro Cycling are obviously fully aware of the incident with one of our riders, Hayden McCormick, at the finish of today's Rutland-Melton International CiCLE Classic. 

'On behalf of the team we would like to apologise to the race organisers, Dan Fleeman and the Metaltek-Kuota team and all cycling fans and supporters for any offence caused.

'This behaviour will not be tolerated and the matter is being dealt with very seriously.'

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