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Brooks England: 2017 product range highlights

Cyclist magazine
25 Apr 2017

Legendary British brand Brooks, famous for its leather saddles, continues to branch out with its 2017 catalogue

Brooks England is one of the oldest brands in cycling, tracing its roots back to 1889, and for much of its long history has been known for its exquisitely made leather saddles. 

But in recent years Brooks has begun to explore other avenues too, venturing into the manufacture of bags, panniers, clothes, helmets and any number of accessories. 

Although the saddles are still handmade in the UK, Brooks is now part of the same umbrella company that owns Selle Royale, Giro and Fizik, and with an ever-increasing list of products, which still manages to retain the same Brooks quality that defined it back in 1889, we can expect plenty more to come too. 

Here are our picks from the 2017 catalogue, featuring both old favourites and exciting newbies. 


The Brooks B17 is quite frankly the stuff of legend. It's the flagship saddle of Brooks' entire range, encapsulating what the brand is all about: quality, style and practicality. Handmade in the UK, the B17 offers a throne of comfort that is the go-to saddle for cycle tourers, adventurers, and road cyclists around the world. Our own web writer Josh even used one when he cycled from the UK to Hong Kong, developing a bond - and ass groove - that will last a lifetime. 



The canvas-topped Cambium is Brooks' answer to a road saddle. Lightweight and slimline, but still claiming comfort, the Cambium can look equally at home on a £5,000 carbon racer as it can a handmade steel beauty. The Cambium comes in mutltiple width sizes, which are denoted by the number following the 'C' (C13, C17, etc...)



The Brooks Colt is a saddle we'd recommend for those who want something part-way between the Cambium and the B17. It offers comfort and robustness, while being a lot firmer than the B17-eqsue models, but more forgiving than the Cambium, and so a perfect fit for deluxe refurbishments or day-to-day adventure bikes alike. 


Rivington Backpack

The Rivington is a typically Brooks interpretation of a backpack, with design details that hark back to its leather heritage and contemporary features that make it an utterly practical accompaniment to getting around town, or from one side of the country to the other. Available in a range of colours, but our favourite is this volcanic red. 


Norfolk Pannier

The Norfolk Pannier set is designed to be used on a front-mounted rack, which if you're only using one set of panniers, is quite an adviseable thing to do for the stability and balance that it affords. That said, the Norfolks could quite easily be used as a smaller rear pannier (if you want bigger, go for the Suffolk), and with a waterproof coating and outer, accessible pouch, they're very practical too. 


Glenbrook Saddle Bag

If you're after something that will allow you to carry a little more than your jersey pockets, but don't require as much space that panniers offer, than a large saddle bag such as the Glenbrook is an ideal choice. Fitting underneath the saddle, but offering space with width, the Glenbrook's design will allow for tools, spares, extra food and even extra clothes to be transported - kind of like a Brooks version of bikepacking, with beautifully made leather straps and practical side pockets. 


Harrier Helmet

Representing a break from Brooks' traditional helmet realm of commuter-orientated products, the Harrier is a stylish lid that could be used on the road, in the field (cyclocross), on tour or on the commute. Much in line with many road helmets out there, with smooth aero lines, matte black finish and well-placed vents, the Harrier is a helmet fit for purpose across the board. 


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