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Garmin launches automatic headlight, the Varia UT800

Josh Cunningham
28 Apr 2017

New headlight designed for use in urban and off-road environments

Garmin has launched a new headlight, the Varia UT800, which has an automatically-adjusting beam. 

As a standalone unit the 800 lumen projection can adjust its intensity depending on changing light conditions. But when paired with a suitable Garmin GPS unit, such as one of the Edge models, it can then also make adjustments according to the cyclist's speed, and whether they're on an ascent or descent. 

The aim is to of course preserve battery life, which at 1.5 hours isn't much. But the user can maintain manual control should they wish, using a button on the light or a remote control to dictate beam intensity and flash.

'As leaders in cycling technology, we are excited to introduce the Varia UT800 to our line of innovative Varia cycling awareness products,' said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. 'With five different light modes, whether riding on the streets or the trail, the Varia UT800 smart headlight shines brighter for longer allowing cyclists to ride with greater confidence.'

The Varia UT800 Urban Edition includes a universal out-front mount, while the Varia UT800 Trail Edition includes a helmet mount.

Both are available for £149.99


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