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Chris Froome's early mentor to visit UK and ride Tour of Wessex

Josh Cunningham
28 Apr 2017

David Kinjah, who mentored Froome during his early years and now directs the Safari Simbaz Trust charity, due to visit in May

David Kinjah, who is often credited as the person who 'discovered' Chris Froome, is due to visit the UK next month. 

The visit comes as the Tour of Wessex, which is the UK's biggest multi-stage sportive event, partners up with the Safari Simbaz Trust, of which Kinjah is the founder, as its official charity. 

The Kenyan is a former national team rider, and a mentor to Chris Froome when the Team Sky rider knew little of the Tour de France and European bike racing scene, and accompanied Kinjah on rides around Kenya.

After founding the Safari Simbaz Trust 15 years ago though, Kinjah has dedicated himself to the charity, which utilises cycling as a means for children in disadvantaged communities to build self-esteem, learn new skills and become empowered with knowledge that can sustain them economically in the future.

'I’ve met youngsters who are inspired to study by being able to cycle to school rather than having to walk or run 15 km, that sort of thing makes all the effort worthwhile,' says Kinjah. 'We hope we will fire up every school kid about what we are doing and what ultimately we can all achieve if we just set our minds to it. We’re going to invite everyone at the Tour of Wessex to join our adventure in this. Both as the Captain of the Kenyan National Cycling Team and as the founder of the Safari Simbaz, I can’t think of anything better.'

'The Safari Simbaz is an amazing project,' said Nick Bourne, Tour of Wessex founder. 'It has given many kids opportunities they would never have had and all because of the dedication and vision of Kinjah. There is now a group of us that want to sustain and develop the project going forward.'

Kinjah will be riding all three stages of the Tour of Wessex, which starts on the 27th May. 

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