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Red Hook Crit: Huge crashes in men's and women's finals (video)

Joseph Delves
3 May 2017

Racing fixies with no brakes on the streets of New York... what's the worst that could happen?

Criterium-style races ridden on brakeless fixed gear bikes... it’s no surprise that the Red Hook series sees plenty of dicey moments.

Some argue that this is precisely what makes the series so exciting. The downside is that when things do go wrong, they do so spectacularly... like the pile-up that took out around half of the field during the women’s final at the Brooklyn Red Hook Crit in New York on the weekend.

Apparently caused by a rider towards the front clipping a traffic cone, the rest the chasing field quickly piled up behind.

Luckily all but one of the riders was able to restart, with Colleen Gulickof of Deluxe Cycles going on to win.

Nasty crash

The men’s final saw a similarly nasty crash, although involving fewer riders. Cesar Valenzuela of Engine 11 went down while leading with five laps to go, with the 19-year-old breaking his collar bone and bringing down several chasing riders in the process.

Of those that managed to get around the fallen rider, Stefan Schafer was the fastest, taking the victory for Specialized/Rocket Espresso.

Now in its 10th year, the annual New York crit has proved so popular that further events have been added to the series in Milan, Barcelona, and, as of 2015, London.

The series returns to the capital for a third time on the 22nd of July.

Featuring a mix of pro and amateur riders, if the crashes haven’t put you off entry will open on 1st June and costs $75 (£58), while it’s free to spectate.

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