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Watch: Boulting and Millar discuss Cross Sports book award shortlist

Joseph Delves
4 May 2017

The pair share a rainy drive around the picturesque Peak District to talk books ahead of the Cross Sports award

A little bit like The Trip but with Ned and David instead of Rob and Steve, the commentary duo of Boulting and Millar recently set off on a tour of the Peak District courtesy of Maserati to offer a rundown of the upcoming Cross Sports book award.

With both being published authors, and Millar having won the award in 2016 for his autobiography The Racer, they’re well qualified to offer their musings on this year's shortlist, which is comprised of:

•          Jens Voigt – Shut Up Legs
•          Danny MacAskill – At The Edge
•          Laura Trott and Jason Kenny – The Inside Track
•          Tim Moore – The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold
•          Chris Boardman – Triumphs and Turbulence
•          David Coventry – The Invisible Mile

Along with the biographies from Trott/Kenny, Voigt and Boardman, literary-minded roadies might also want to procure a copy of David Coventry’s The Invisible Mile, a fictionalised account of the five cyclists from Australia and New Zealand who made up the first English-speaking team to ride the Tour de France back in 1928.

Taking in the trauma of the First World War, not to mention the extraordinary hardships that were typical of the early Tours, which featured all-night stages accompanied by the copious consumption of drink and drugs, The Invisible Mile promises to be one of the more original cycling books of recent years.

‘What Coventry has done is quite innovative,’ explains Millar in the piece. ‘He’s taken a Tour no one knows very much about and so allowed himself a certain amount of artistic licence… I think it’s a great book.’

Having previously written about his exploits following the route of the Giro and Tour, Tim Moore’s The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold is focused on his attempt to ride the 10,000km length of the Iron Curtain on an East German shopper bike.

It's a formula that should make for a read that's as riotously farcical as it is informative, with Boulting judging it ‘ludicrously funny’. 

You can watch the full rundown in the video above.

The winner will be announced at the 15th annual Cross Sports Book Awards, which take place at Lord’s Cricket Ground on 24th May. 

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