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Work begins on new Boardman Performance Centre

Josh Cunningham
10 May 2017

New 'revolutionary' Performance Centre, located in Worcestershire, set to open in 2018

Work has begun on the brand new Boardman Performance Centre, a testing facility and commercial outlet that is due to open in early 2018. 

The site location is at the Valley Retail Park in Evesham in Worcestershire, and covers an area of 18,000 square feet, with the centrepiece of the centre a cycling-specific wind tunnel that Boardman has developed, and which the brand says is the first of its kind in the UK.

As well as the wind tunnel the centre will offer bike fitting facilities, labs for physiological testing and bike fitting, as well a Boardman Bikes store and cycling cafe. 

The idea is to create an experience that can be regarded as world class for cyclists and triathletes of all levels, be they Olympic or Paralympic champions, Tour de France winners, or leisure riders. 

'To be the first to do anything is always a challenge, and for a huge ground-breaking project like the Performance Centre, even more so,' said Chris Boardman. 'Now we have finally started construction, I’m really excited the finish line is finally in site.

'People who know me will tell you I tend to play things down and avoid superlatives but for this project, I feel confident in saying when the doors open in early 2018, it will be a genuine game changer for the sport of cycling.

'Making aerodynamic understanding accessible to anyone who want’s to go faster - be they sportive rider or pro athlete - will be nothing short of revolutionary.'

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