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Global Bike to Work Day: Thursday 11th May

Cyclist magazine
11 May 2017

Strava hosts the second ever 'Global Bike to Work Day', being held on Thursday 11th May

Today is Global Bike to Work Day, and hosts Strava is calling upon cyclists in the UK to get involved and get pedalling. After the inaugural running on the challenge last year, which saw 79,879 cyclists across 180 countries log a riding activity as a commute, Strava are aiming to go better in 2017 'in a bid to make a difference as a worldwide movement of cyclists on one single day.'

Insights from the sporting social network show that in the UK in 2016 an average of 223,376 commutes were uploaded to Strava every week, and that 13.5km - or 35 minutes - was the average ride length. 

Every time an activity is logged on Strava as a commute, the network anonymously aggregates it. Using this data, the arm of Strava strictly dedicated to activities taking place in cities, called Strava Metro, liaises with urban planners in an attempt to improve infrastructure for cyclists. 

By its estimates, 160 million people - in London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Oslo, Glasgow, Calgary and Portland - currently live in areas where Strava Metro operates. 

'By hosting this Challenge for the second year, we hope to see an even greater movement of cyclists take to the roads,' said Simon Klima of Strava. 'We want to continue to show our commitment and give back to the worldwide community, aiming to make our towns and cities better.'

So with the bar being set at nearly 80,000 registered cycling commuters last year, we will see if the 2017 Global Bike to Work Day can put any more (registered) bums on saddles. 

To get involved, visit Strava here for more information on how to log a commute, join the challenge here, or use the hashtag #CommutesCount on other social media channels.

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