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Italian tyre maker Pirelli launches road cycling range

Motorsport heavyweight launches new 'Pzero Velo' tyres

Joseph Delves
16 Jun 2017

Famous for being the sole supplier to the Formula 1 World Championship, Italian tyre giant Pirelli is about to launch a range of options for motorless racing bikes. With 110 years of tyre making expertise behind them, the technicians at Pirelli have spent the last two of these developing the brand’s three model launch range.

Adopting the same PZero moniker as Pirelli’s top-end car tyres, the chemists who helped develop them are the same that worked on the F1 PZero compound, which features on all the tyres currently used in F1 racing.

It’s this rubber formula that the brand hopes will secure it as elevated a place in the cycling world as it currently has in the motoring one.

‘SmartNet Silica is a silicate-based molecule whose configuration differs from traditional silicates, in that it has no spherical shape but is an elongated stick,’ explained a spokesperson for the brand.

‘The molecule demonstrates a natural self-sorting tendency instead of being randomly positioned within the matrix. This configuration assures numerous benefits.

Its longitudinal position positively affects the tyre’s smoothness allowing highly directional performance, while its high elasticity leads to decreased heat generation and rolling resistance.

Its anti-cluster ability also means it spreads evenly within the matrix. This property, added to the natural chemical affinity with water, results in outstanding wet performance.’

Like the company’s F1 tyres there are three colour coded options.

The silver label is their standard road racing tyre, which is available in sizes 23c, 25c, and 28c.

The red label denotes the time trial model. The fastest and lightest of the range it’s available in a single 23c size.

The blue label is their all-season tyre. Available in a range of widths it offers superior wet weather grip for autumn and winter, along with increased puncture protection, albeit at a slightly increased weight.

Pirelli claims that the prototypes performed a total of more than 100,000 kilometres of comparative road tests before coming to market, including up the active volcano of Mount Etna.

The range will be available from August 2017, with prices to be confirmed.

Page 1 of 2Italian tyre maker Pirelli launches road cycling range

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Page 1 of 2Italian tyre maker Pirelli launches road cycling range