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Maap launches new kit for varying conditions across the continents

Josh Cunningham
18 May 2017

Video and gallery from a Maap ambassador ride in Utah showcasing its new launches

Australian brand Maap has launched a new range of clothing and styles 'tailored for the contrasting conditions of both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.'

Despite being founded fairly recently in 2014, the brand has grown a reputation for its bold, stylish designs, and the new products are entirely befitting of the distinctive Maap style. 

The new jerseys, headlined by the M-Flag all-weather jersey and Deep Winter Jacket, feature new fabrics and a tailored aero fit.

MAAP Field Trip, Part 2. from MAAP on Vimeo.

Rather than the warmer Australian climes that the original Maap gear was designed for, the new releases are built to withstand temperatures down to -5°, and to test the range Maap brought a selection of its ambassadors around the world to Utah, USA.

With sub-zero temperatures, climbs in excess of 2,500m and high-speed winds, Maap say that the location was perfect for proving the capabilities of each piece in the field.

And while we weren't there to confirm either way, we can certainly take pleasure in looking at some of the fantastic scenery that the region has to offer, as well as the kit itself. 

Maap's new ranges and styles are available to buy online and through selected retailers now.

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