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The Adventure Syndicate launches new ultra-distance race team

Women's adventure cycling collective launches 'The Quad', targeting social change as well as race wins

Josh Cunningham
11 May 2017

In its words, the Adventure Syndicate is 'a collective of extraordinary cyclists, on a mission to inspire, encourage and enable other women to challenge what they think they are capable of.'

And what better way of doing that than by launching a brand new women's racing team, whose members specialise in one of the most challenging forms of bike racing: self-supported, ultra-distance events. 

The team name is 'The Quad', and upon launch can boast Lee Craigie, Rickie Cotter, Emily Chappell and Paula Regener as its four experienced riders, with Leigh Day Cycling, Apidura, Exped and Findra acting as the title sponsors.

In their debut 2017 season, The Quad has ultra races such as the Highland Trail 550 in Scotland, the Trans Atlantic Way in Ireland, and the Tour Divide in USA on its calendar.

As well as these competitive events though, the team will act as ambassadors for The Adventure Syndicate's social aims, and will arrive at the team launch (this weekend at Spin Cycling Festival) after a week of touring the Highlands, visiting schools and youth groups to promote active travel in remote communities. 

'Although we’ll be racing at the highest level, there’s so much more to The Quad than just competition,' says team director Lee Craigie, a former British Mountain Bike Champion. 'We believe passionately that everyone has more in them than they realise, if they can just overcome the fears that are holding them back.'

The Quad will be launched this weekend at Spin Cycling Festival in London, and in a fitting example of what they stand for, will be hosting a discussion panel on 'fear' on Friday 12th May.

'How it motivates us, how it holds us back, and how it can distort our self-belief if we let it,' explains Craigie of the discussion. 'We’ll be sharing our own doubts and anxieties throughout our adventures, to demonstrate that no one is fearless, and help people discover their own courage.'

For more information on the discussion and the team, visit the Adventure Syndicate's website.

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