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Donhou 'Dazzle'

Beautiful paint from the London based custom frame builder.

Jordan Gibbons
30 Jun 2015

Sometimes you don't need a story to go with a bike - no 15% stiffer or 40g lighter. Sometimes bikes are just beautiful and that is a good enough reason itself. This bike from Tom Donhou certainly fits the bill, so enough waffle from me - here it is from the man himself:

"Adrian is an architect by profession, so using the highest quality materials was very important to him, meaning there was no other tubeset for this build than Columbus XCR.
When it was time to start designing the bike, Adrian came to visit the workshop with various print-outs tucked under his arm, including several images of old WW1 warships painted in what was known as ‘dazzle’ camouflage.
The idea behind dazzle is that it breaks up the lines of the ship so that an enemy couldn’t focus or gauge speed and distance while sighting their gun. Taking this concept and applying it to a bicycle frame, we worked up the exploded check pattern to confuse the eye.
The paint design includes some exposed areas of stainless steel and fillet brazing, allowing the craftsmanship underneath to come through also.
With a Campagnolo Chorus groupset, ENVE finishing kit and a custom painted stem, this is one camo bike that won’t be hard to spot."

Contact: Donhou Bicycles

Photographs: George Marshall

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