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GripGrab Women's Solara gloves review

15 May 2017

GripGrab continue to excel in making cycling gloves, with this lightweight pair performing well

Lightweight, great fit
Material can roll down on fingers

Part of the latest range from the Danish cycling accessories brand, the GripGrab Women's Solara gloves have proved very good in the recent Spring conditions. The gloves are lightweight and really breathable, so much so that I barely noticed I was wearing them.

The fit is good, and importantly true to size, unlike some gloves in women’s sizes which tend to be really tiny. One problem with the fit though was the edge of the material at the fingers had a tendency to roll back, which may have been a result of the material being so light.

As the sun has been coming out over the last couple of weeks I loved that you can still get a sun tan through the material: no weird white hands to worry about.

Buy the GripGrab Women's Solara Gloves from Bikeinn here

The gel pads in the palms was almost unnoticeable, but I see that as a positive, as some are over-bulky and become more of a hinderance than a help, but these felt just right.

With the GripGrab Women's Solara gloves there is a good balance of padding and retaining bar feel while riding.

I liked that the gloves were quite short and so don’t overlap the wrist joint. This allows good freedom of movement and no interference which avoided any discomfort, whilst still protecting the necessary areas.

Overall a good pair of gloves that will be getting plenty of use throughout the warmer months.

GripGrab Women's Solara gloves


£27 | Buy the GripGrab Women's Solara Gloves from Bikeinn here


S, M, L, XL 


90% Polyester
5% Elastane (Spandex)
5% Polyamide (Nylon)


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