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276,818 commutes logged on Strava Global Bike to Work Day

Cyclist magazine
17 May 2017

Over 180,000 cyclists log 5.3 million commuting kilometres in a single day

On Strava's Global Bike to Work Day (11th May), a total of 276,818 commute activities were logged on the social network, by 180,539 cyclists around the globe.

During the day, participating riders clocked up 5.3 million kilometres (3.3 million miles), which Strava reckons was enough to offset 1,580 tons of carbon emissions.

Strava users from 170 different countries logged a commute on Global Bike to Work Day, with the UK, US, Germany, Brazil and Australia being the key contributors.

More locally, London came out as a top city (with a 64% increase compared to GBTWD 2016), along with Amsterdam (which registered just a 16% increase), San Jose (87%), San Francisco (66%), and Melbourne (42%).

As well as getting bums on saddles and decreasing emissions, a key aim of Global Bike to Work Day was for data use in Strava Metro, the arm of Strava strictly dedicated to activities taking place in cities. Strava Metro annonymously aggregates the information it gathers from these cities, and liaises with urban planners to improve infrastructure.

So as well as getting a few kilometres in, the 180,539 of you that took part in Global Bike to Work Day will have contributed to that in some way.

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