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Ellipse lock: the keyless, theft-detecting, 'smart' bike lock

Josh Cunningham
18 May 2017

New bike lock from American company Ellipse connects to your phone

A new bike lock, which uses a mobile phone app to lock and unlock itself, as well as providing both theft and crash alerts, has been launched by American company Ellipse.

The Ellipse Smart Bike Lock connects to your phone via Bluetooth, which enables the user to both lock and unlock their bike, without the need for a key, at the touch of an app button. 

Should you run out of phone battery, or encounter any other problems, a keypad on the lock itself - which powers itself on solar energy - can also be used to unlock it mechanically. 

The connectivity between lock and app allows you to check on your bike while it's out of sight, and it will even alert you if the bike is being tampered with. Ellipse is confident that in the event of an attempted theft, the lock will hold firm though, with a 17mm thick steel shackle and a dual-locking system that would effectively have to be broken twice. 'Bank-level' encryption is said to be in place to deterr cyber-theives. 

Similarly in the event of a crash; the Ellipse will sense the impact and alert a pre-programmed contact if the user doesn't responed. If required, it will also contact the emergency services. 

The Ellipse Smart Bike Lock has been brought to Europe by Humancycle, and has an RRP of £199.

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