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One-of-a-kind Basso bike stolen from factory

Josh Cunningham
23 May 2017

Italian brand Basso is offering reward money to anyone who can help retrieve the stolen Diamante Anniversary Edition bike

'We all remember from our childhood how we used to feel when our favourite toy got lost. It’s almost the same feeling when your best friend moves to another city...without writing a single letter or giving you their new address.'

These are the words of Italian bike manufacturer Basso, informing the press about the theft of a number of bikes from its factory, including the Diamante 40th Year Anniversary Edition bike, which it has called the 'number zero' - the irreplaceable model in its special series, and the personal bike of company founder Alcide Basso. 

'We had an unfortunate occasion and our factory store got robbed,' continues Basso. 'It’s certain the thieves were not aware of what they were stealing at the time. They used two different vans to steal a few bicycles - including our precious Basso Diamante 40th Year Anniversary Edition.'

'Now we are desperately searching for this very special bike and we obviously need people who can help us.'

Basso says that it has a 'significant amount' of reward money available to anyone who can provide useful information in the relocation of the Diamante 40th Year Anniversary Edition bike, and invites those that can help to contact them.

Visit for contact information. 

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