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Garmin announces new Virb 360 camera

Waterproof, 360-degree camera shoots up to 5.7k and is available from June

Josh Cunningham
24 May 2017

Garmin has announced a new camera: the Virb 360. 

As the name suggests, the device is able to capture fully spherical 360-degree footage, and with its compact, waterproof build, it seems there is every intention that it will go up against other action cams in its ability to capture sporting scenes. 

The camera is able to take in footage up to 5.7k/30fps, has built-in image stabilisation, and features four built in microphones to record sounds from every direction as well as visuals.

The 360-degree photos come out at 15 megapixels, and the camera can shoot in modes of single capture, burst and time lapse, as well as Garmin's 'Travelapse' mode, which shoots frames at certain intervals to capture different scenes. 

In terms of functionality, the camera uses one-touch button controls, and can also boast the ability to listen to voice commands for starting and stopping video, taking photos, and more.

While it comes with a tripod on sale, the camera unfortunately also comes with a seemingly poor battery life: a rather flat one hour when recording. 

The Virb 360 is available with a free app and desktop software that allows users to edit, stabalise and share the footage or images they collect, or for instant digestion it can be linked to both Youtube and Facebook for live streaming. Naturally it supports all connectivity platforms, including Wifi, Bluetooth and ANT+.

The Virb 360 is expected to be available from June.


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