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A 1,850m swim becomes Strava's billionth recorded activity

Josh Cunningham
25 May 2017

A German swimmer in Berlin records Strava's billionth activity with a 44-minute, 1,850m swim

On Sunday 21st May, a German swimmer in Berlin recorded Strava's billionth logged activity; a 1,850m swim that took 44 minutes and 25 seconds to complete. 

The activity was titled 'Finally in the pool again' by user Patrick, who later said: 'I'm getting ready to race a cross triathlon this summer. I haven't been in the pool for almost a year, so it was time to start swimming again.'

On its launch day of August 18, 2009, Strava recorded 50 shared activities, and by the time it was a month old it had 8,572 activities. By the end of the first year the total had almost eclipsed 100,000, and now eight years on the billion milestone has been reached. 

'We’re excited to celebrate this milestone in our community’s growth in recognition of the inspiration that these one billion activities have created for Strava athletes around the world,' said incoming Strava CEO James Quarles.

Today, Strava adds one million new members every 40 days, with athletes sharing an average of 1,382,138 activities per day, or 16 every second.

That also equates to 17 million feed views a day and 2.2 million photo uploads per week on the social network, as well as 55 million comments and 'kudos' given. 


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