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Virtual racing arrives in real life at London’s first e-sports cycling competition

Zwift fans leave their dungeons for a UK versus the World competition

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Joseph Delves
6 Jun 2017

Apparently there’s an audience for e-sports, or people playing computer games, that extends beyond teenagers waiting to get a go on Call of Duty. In fact as many as 150 million people are estimated to regularly or occasionally watch other people playing computer games, both online and in real life.

Compared to conventional button bashing, Zwift represents the more athletic end of the e-sport spectrum. It’s a platform that allows users to employ a turbo trainer and an internet connection to compete against other riders in online competitions, and has proved very popular with some cyclists.

Now these vitamin D starved, but perfectly conditioned, virtual athletes are about to have their moment in the sun.

Following a launch event in Vegas, London plays host to the UK’s first live virtual racing cycling competition.

‘The Cycligent ESports World Cup was born of a group of impassioned individuals in the Zwift online racing environment,' explained the organisers.

'These riders created to rank performance, and are now officiating live events worldwide.

‘Virtual cycling consists of a real-life bike set up on an indoor trainer with power metrics designed to simulate riding through elaborate 3D courses.

'Five cyclists representing the UK will show down against cyclists from around the world, including the US, Australia, the Netherlands, and Poland. Fans are invited to attend live for free or stream online’

Joking about spotty teens aside, the 10 person team rounded up to represent the UK features a host of strong riders with a list of real world results, including Rachael Elliott, current holder of the national the 30 mile time trial record.

Taking place near Old Street’s silicon roundabout in London, interested fans can apply for free tickets to watch in person, or catch the action live and online.

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