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Get your cycling feet happy with a new self assessment app from BikeFit

BikeFit’s free Foot Fit Calculator aims to get your feet aligned correctly without the need for a trip to the bike fitter

Joseph Delves
14 Jun 2017

American fitting specialists BikeFit have released a new smartphone app that should dispel some of the mystery around correctly setting up your shoes and pedals.

The Washington based company which supplies training, along with systems and tools, to hundreds of bike fitters around the world estimates that around 90% of all riders are not optimally fitted to their pedals.

This is largely because although most feet are canted up or down, most shoes take this natural angle and force it flat.

This can have immediate negative effects at the foot, resulting in discomfort and numbness, while also causing trouble further up the body.

Part of the solution to this problem is to adjust the angle between the foot and pedal, but to do this you need to first know exactly the tilt of your particular feet.

BikeFit believe their Android app can now achieve at home what would have previously required a trip to a dedicated fitter.

‘The application walks users through the process of figuring out the ideal pedal-to-foot connection angle and then recommends a solution to optimise foot fit.

'Users will need a friend to help take the pictures and the application will do the rest,’ a spokesperson for BikeFit explained.

Crouching with their knees underneath them and their feet poking out in what feels like a slightly unnatural position, the app guides the users through the data collecting process which will determine the number of cleat wedges needed to customize the fit of their shoes.

With the rider's leg aligned along a vertical axis marked by a red line, it’s simply a matter of finding the corresponding horizontal angle that matches the underside of their foot.

The app will then spit out a diagnosis and recommends the appropriate cleat wedges. These inexpensive pieces of plastic sit between the base of the shoe and the cleat and change the angle of the shoe’s footbed relative to the pedal platform.

While more complicated problems necessitating custom insoles will still require a trip to a real, human bike fitter, hopefully the result should be happier, and more efficient feet.

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