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Watch: Fausto Pinarello talks us through his personal bike collection

There are bike collections, there are bike collections and then there is Fausto Pinarello's bike collection...

James Spender
15 Jan 2018

Cyclist visited Pinarello's headquarters in Villorba, Italy, to have a look behind the scenes of the leading bicycle manufacturer, and just as the tour was drawing to a close the slick-backed custodian of the Italian marque leaned in and whispered conspiratorially for us to 'come and have a look upstairs'.

There, hidden away behind a jungle of boxes, was one of the richest bicycling histories we've ever seen, neatly racked top-and-tail in a beguiling array of Pinarello-badged glory; everything from Miguel Indurain's UCI befuddling time trial machine to Fausto Pinarello's father's original steel steed.

Fausto says he's thinking of putting all the bikes in a museum at some point, but until then, here's a whistle-stop tour by the man himself.

As you'll see in the video and hear from Fauto's commentary, this is a unique collection and personal to the man himself but bikes like this can be appreicated by any discerning cyclist.

If they do end up in a museum, we'll be front of the queue to have another look.

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