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Mavic finally launches road tubeless system after bringing tyre manufacture in-house

Joseph Delves
21 Jun 2017

New options cover Comete, Cosmic, Ksyrium, and Open Pro products

Despite being one of the inventors of the tubeless bicycle tyre system towards the end of the last century, Mavic have never sold a road tubeless option.

With wheel rims getting wider, using more carbon and increasingly going tubeless, Mavic had long looked in danger of getting left behind by its rivals.

The French brand that manufactures a good proportion of the world’s bicycle wheels reportedly held off releasing its own system after finding the tolerances of existing tyres too variable to guarantee the function of the complete system.

However, having in the past few years started producing its own tyres, Mavic now feels confident in releasing its own products.

Its new Road UST system includes Comete, Cosmic, Ksyrium, and Open Pro wheels and rims along with corresponding tyre options.

The road wheels are designed to be used with the new Mavic Yksion Pro UST tyres, which come in 25 and 28c widths, and are specifically matched to the width of the wheel’s rims.

One upshot of using a system with such tightly controlled tolerances is that set-up and seating of the tyres should be possible using only a conventional floor pump, rather than a compressor

Mavic goes as far as to caution against the use of other brand’s tubeless tyres.

Mavic claims the system is 40g lighter than its conventional clincher-and-tube systems, and reduces rolling resistance by around 15%.

Alongside its road going options the brand is also releasing a wider ‘Allroad’ wheelset, catering for the gravel and adventure market.

All of the new products should be available imminently.

Mavic tubeless wheels and tyres

Comete Pro Carbon SL Disc–$1899, €1899, 1755 grams
Comete Pro Carbon SL–$1799, €1799,1635 grams
Cosmic Pro Carbon SL Disc–$1899, €1899, 1570 grams
Cosmic Pro Carbon SL–$1799, €1799, 1450 grams
Cosmic Elite Disc–$499, €475, 1770 grams
Cosmic Elite–$449, €449, 1850 grams
Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL Disc– $1899, €1899, 1510 grams
Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL– $1799, €1799, 1390 grams
Ksyrium Pro Disc–$1099, €999, 1620 grams
Ksyrium Pro–$999, €949, 1420 grams
Ksyrium Elite Disc–$799, €649, 1690 grams
Ksyrium Elite–$699, €600, 1520 grams
Allroad Pro Disc–$1099, €999, 1660 grams
Allroad Elite Disc–$799, €749, 1720 grams
Allroad Elite RB (rim brake)–$799, €699, 1600 grams
Open Pro Disc–$99, €69, 420 grams
Open Pro–$99, €69 420 grams
Yksion Pro UST tyre–$69, €59, 260 grams

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