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Colnago launches updated V2-R aero road bike

Joseph Delves
27 Jun 2017

More capable and less fiddly. Could the V2-R be the perfect middle ground for Colnago?

Colnago's original V1-R, launched in 2015, saw the Italian brand ditch its penchant for fairly traditionalist tube shapes in favour of the more aerodynamic profiles which have become increasingly popular in recent years.

The introduction of the more radically slippery-looking Concept, however, left the V1-R starting to look in need of an update, and the V2-R is it.

The V2-R is a fairly radical departure from its predecessor, and in large part the changes seem focused on boosting both the V2-R's practicality and its versatility.

With the ability to take tyres up to 28c and brakes mounted where you’d expect them between the seatstays, rather than frustratingly tucked away on the chainstays, it now sits more readily between Colnago’s classic C60 and the aero Concept as the brand’s do-it-all bike.

Gram for gram

In redesigning the bike Colnago has managed to match the V1-R's weight exactly at 835g for a medium sized frame. In fact the same grade and construction of carbon fibre was also used.

Despite this Colnago says stiffness has been improved by 13% at the bottom bracket and by 4% at the head tube.

The V2-R also still uses Colnago’s proprietary TF82.5 bottom bracket standard, which combines the practicality of a threaded bottom bracket, the width and improved rigidity of the PressFit standard. 

While the rear brake has migrated back to its traditional spot, both it and the front calliper are direct-mount units. Colnago claims their deployment results in better integration with the frame, both in terms of structure and aerodynamics, along with improved braking power.

They certainly look aesthetically pleasing. As does the newly integrated seat post clamp, which further helps streamline the appearance of the bike. The truncated profile of the unique matching post which the clamp secures is also designed to boost the bike’s aerodynamic efficiency.

Initially only available as a complete build featuring Campagnolo Super Record groupset and Bora Ultra wheels, the asking price of the V2-R is a whopping £9,000. Framesets will be available from mid-July and cost from £2,900.

While Colnago hasn't provided any specific information to that effect, one of the pictures of the V2-R released today is clearly of a disc-based version – so obviously a disc brake version is also in the works.

We’ll be looking to get a Colnago V2-R in for test soon.

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