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Strava club posts arrives to take the pain out of organising club rides

Joseph Delves
29 Jun 2017

Strava’s latest feature set aims to make it easier to share content with your clubmates

If organising a group ride feels like herding cats, Strava's new club posts feature could be the answer. While Strava already offers members the function to build groups using the network, its latest addition is a set of tools specifically aimed at clubs. 

‘Strava club admins can now share a variety of posts with club members including announcements, questions, stories, photos, routes and segments, articles, product reviews, and other engaging athletic content,’ explained Strava chief product officer Aaron Forth.

Once posted, content from club admins will now appear in members’ Strava feeds, as well as in the Posts section of the club itself.

Social media hub

The move is part of Strava’s efforts to evolve from its activity-tracking foundations into more of a social media hub for athletes.

Strava is hoping members will be keen to produce and share content through the sports specific platform, in much the same way that they might do through traditional social platforms like Facebook.

With more than 160,000 clubs already on Strava, the latest developments are essentially a set of administrator tools that can help users easily and quickly stay in contact with the rest of their clubmates.

Offering a new way for club admins to keep members up-to-date about upcoming events should make marshaling the troops easier, while also providing plenty of scope for scouting out potential routes for communal rides.

Already integrated with existing social networks, users will also be able to push their content through linked accounts on Facebook or Twitter.

Having already undergone beta testing among a select group of clubs late last year, the club posts features could provide a way for traditional clubs to build and maintain their memberships in the digital age. 

If nothing else it should provide a more straightforward alternative to CC’ing in every club rider on a giant email chain. 

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