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GripGrab Toe Covers review

22 Aug 2018

The GripGrab Toe Covers are versatile thanks mostly to the wide range of temperatures they can be comfortably used in

Cyclist Rating: 
Good temperature range and easy to put on and take off
Hard to fault but durability underneath could be improved as a lot of walking (think commute) will wear through

The GripGrab Toe Covers have become one of the most essential bits of kit in my overflowing kit drawer. That's mostly due to the surprisingly wide range of temperatures in which I'm comfortable wearing them, but also comes down to a point about personal comfort.

The sheer volume of clothing I am often bedecked in compared to others in the Cyclist office is a source of constant amusement for some of my colleagues but there aren't many weeks in the year when I'm completely warm enough when cycling in the UK.

Thanks to this summer's heatwave, now a fond distant memory, my GripGrab Toe Covers haven't been needed but with unsettled weather and lower temperatures in the forecast they'll soon be back on my cycling shoes.

Outside of heatwaves, the GripGrab Toe Covers sometimes seem like a permanent fixture on my cycling shoes. The windproof and water resistant outer does exactly what it's supposed to by keeping the wind and rain spray off the front of my shoes meaning my toes stay toasty warm.

On the rare few days when I have gone overboard with my kit choices, my feet remain comfortable for quite some time with the GripGrab Toe Covers on before feeling too warm.

Certainly longer than overdressed, sweaty knees for example.

When it is time for the toe covers to come off, they're very easy to remove and so small they barely impact on the carrying capacity of a jersey pocket.

They go back on almost as easily if needs be, for a long descent or late evening finish to a ride for example.

In the depths of winter the GripGrab Toe Covers can also be layered underneath a heavier duty pair of overshoes for some extra wind protection on the coldest days.

The GripGrab Toe Covers will retain their position as a key piece of kit for me and are something that every cyclist should consider having on hand when needed.


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