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Ashmei Cycle Softshell Jacket first look

Ashmei Cycle Softshell Jacket
17 Apr 2015

The new softshell jacket from premium brand Ashmei looks the part but at a cost.

If you think the new Ashmei Cycle Softshell looks a little familiar then you’re right. Ashmei’s CEO, Stuart Brooke, previously had a hand in creating the ranges for Vulpine, Brompton and Rapha. Like cycling before it, running’s stock wardrobe of trackies, short shorts and vest tops had long been crying out for a stylistic overall. Having spent the past three years building a dedicated following among runners by doing just that, Hertfordshire-based sportswear label Ashmei has launched a small but perfectly formed cycling range. With the classic softshell jacket and its core.

Ashmei are proud of the fact and they’ve designed every element of the softshell jacket including developing their own blends of material to make it. Water and wind resistance at the front of the jacket is mated to a merino mix back panel for enhanced wicking and breathability.

Ashmei Cycle Softshell Jacket reverse

The cut is slim and they’ve trimmed away at the neck, to keep things comfortable, and at the shoulders, to avoid extra material flapping in the wind. Not only is it supremely comfortable, thanks to the enhanced flexibility, but considering the jacket’s minimal bulk, during a recent cold snap, we were amazed to be snug with only a base layer underneath. With a long sleeve jersey on we think it would be good to near freezing.

It’s got a whopping six pockets at the rear with dedicated pockets for house keys, phone and mini pump reinforce the idea that this is a jacket designed with both style and practicality in mind, a trait accentuated by a deployable bum flap that is neatly secured away when not in use by a pair of very slim integrated magnets. It’s neat little touches like this that could almost convince us it’s worth spending over £200 on a cycling jacket. Watch this space for a full review.

Price: £210

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