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The UK’s toughest audax? London-Edinburgh-London

Joseph Delves
24 Jul 2017

London-Edinburgh-London will see 1500 cyclists riding the 1415 kilometres between the two capital cities in just five days

The London-Edinburgh-London audax is only held once every four years. But for the riders who manage to complete the grueling 1415 kilometre trek, this might seem like far too often.

An audax is not a race, but rather a test of endurance and fortitude. There is no winner - in fact there’s an enforced maximum speed limit - instead the 1,500 cyclists taking part will simply be aiming to finish within 116 hours.

In their attempt to do so they’ll be supported by a host of volunteers staffing a series of 15 controls across the UK.

Riders will need to register as they pass through each, where they’ll also get the opportunity to snatch a bite to eat along with a few minutes rest, before pushing onward.

London Edinburgh London - Official Documentary from MadeGood.films on Vimeo.

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'We’re seeing interest in London-Edinburgh-London increase massively as people like the simple ethos of the event and the sheer mental and fitness challenge of riding 1,400 kilometres,' explained event organiser Danial Webb.

Departing from London on 30th July, the same day as the London-Surrey Classic takes place in the capital, the riders will first head first into Essex.

Next the'll travel through Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, Humberside, North Yorkshire, Cumbria, and the Scottish Borders before reaching Edinburgh.

Compared to the average commercial sportive, audax rides are instead organised by dedicated enthusiasts.

London-Edinburgh-London is a non-profit making event staffed by volunteers for amateur riders. The entry cost may be £319 but the level of logistical support, which includes moto crews patrolling some of the route, makes this incredible value.

'All food and drink at controls is free, as are showers and dormitories. We’ll also supply free towels, blankets and earplugs.

'Any bike repairs we carry out are also free,' explained the organisers.

This year will also see live tracking of the riders, should you wish to follow their progress.

All the places on this year’s audax are now taken, which leaves riders wanting to take part a solid four years to get in shape before the event’s next running.

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