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Vulpine Gill jacket first look

Vulpine Gill jacket
17 Apr 2015

A multifunction waterproof jacket that works well both on and off the bike.

It’s nice to have nice things, but nice things cost money. Therefore before handing over your cash for the latest clothing it’s necessary to do some mental weaselling, justifying to yourself the decision to spend money on your hobby and not something more boringly practical. Eminently adaptable, the Vulpine Gill (like on the fish) jacket should make this mental arithmetic easier. Everyone hates getting soggy, and what if your waterproof jacket was nice enough to wear off the bike and across a range of different situations? Maybe even around non-cyclist types?

With its adjustable hood pulled tight and a pair of traditional pockets giving you somewhere cosy to keep your hands, the Gill is a happy place to be during a rainy hike, while reinforced shoulder panels resist wear from heavy backpacks, which will also suit commuters. The cut and style of the Gill is more cycling orientated than the Harrington that Vulpine are famous for so we’d wouldn’t stray too far from the bike. When it’s time to saddle up, just pop your stowables in the chest pocket, jettison the detachable hood and flip down the reflective splashguard and it’ll serve as a great cycling jacket.

Vulpine Gill jacket reverse

Although it’s constructed of breathable material, when you break a sweat no high-tech fabric will stop you steaming yourself like a fish dinner as surely as a well-placed vent. With three of the eponymous ‘gills’ running down each side of the jacket, vapour is free to escape, although the shielded construction means there’s little chance of water creeping in. We’d suggest pairing the Gill jacket with one of those lovely merino jerseys Vulpine also do. We’re almost looking forward to the next time it rains so we can review it properly. Almost.

Price: £229

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