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Win Oakley Prizm™ Trail glasses | The science behind the obsession

28 Aug 2017

We are giving away a different pairs of Oakley Prizm™ glasses each week.  To enter you just need to fill in the form below.

The competiton closes on the 1st September and the winners will be notified by email by the 18th September.

Week 3: Prizm™ Trail

For riders who prefer to venture off-road, Prizm™ Trail lenses enhance the reds and browns of the earth to enable you to identify sand, rocks, roots and hazardous transitions, so you always stay one step ahead of the course.

Every cyclist knows it’s the smallest details of training, nutrition, preparation and kit that can make the biggest difference. It is a vision that’s shared by professional and amateur riders all over the world. Mark Cavendish wants all elements of his preparation to be just right – and so do you. But when you can’t stop taking everything you do to the next level, you need the power to filter what is in front of you and fix your eyes on the game-changing details that will help turn your dreams into a reality. Oakley’s revolutionary Prizm™ Lens Technology provides ultra-precise colour tuning for different sports and environments. Prizm™ lenses reveal subtle details you never even knew were there.

Prizm™ was created through years of intelligent colour science research, with experts collecting atmospheric light data from different environments, conditions and climates to help carefully tailor lenses for every riding scenario. Based on this cutting- edge research, the Prizm™ range of eyewear has been designed to control the precise transmission of different light waves and colours to your eyes, enhancing contrast, boosting visibility and clarifying every scene in vivid, vibrant detail. As well as boosting your visual experience, Prizm™ eyewear is created from extra durable Plutonite lens material. This delivers uncompromising protection against high- speed impacts but also filters out 100% of all harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays to prevent eyesight damage.

Fusing science with style, Prizm™ lenses are available in a range of Oakley frames, such as Radar EV, EVZero, Flak 2.0 XL and Jawbreaker Retina Burn worn by Mark Cavendish.