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First Look: Brompton releases new electric folding bike

3 Aug 2017

Folding bike manufacturer Brompton releases electric bike in the UK

Proving the industry lead in the folding bike market, the Brompton bike offers itself as the perfect companion to commuters worldwide. 

Folding down, the Brompton can compliment a commute either side of a train journey or see you through the entire journey. Either way, their popularity makes them a common sight around any major city.

Brompton will now offer its customers extra assistance with the introduction of their first electric folding bike. 

Containing a 250W front hub motor, the Brompton's 300Wh battery will allow riders to be electronically assisted for 25 to 50 miles. 

Developed in partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering, the brains behind the Williams Martini F1 team, the motor will offer three levels of assistance and with the bike weighing just 13.4kg, meaning this latest innovation will not struggle with city hills. 

With the the popularity of e-bikes seeing an increase in the amount of people cycling, Brompton hope that this latest addition to their portfolio of bikes will see more people choosing the bike over other forms of transport. 

Brompton CEO Will Butler-Adams hopes that the introduction of the electric Brompton will give more people the opportunity to travel by bike in cities.

'We believe we have created a product that will inspire more people to get out from under the ground, out of their cars and back onto a bike to rediscover their cities.' he said.

'With the Brompton Electric you feel you have the wind behind you all day, it is so much fun and a bit cheeky as whizz up hills, nip off at the lights and arrive anywhere raring to go.'

The electric Brompton is certainly a good idea, and will no doubt get new people riding bikes in the city. The only drawback could be the price. 

At £2,595, the electric Brompton is pricey, retailing at almost triple the price of some of the standard models. This could put off those new to cycling looking for a gateway into commuting. 

With this being said, any product that promotes people getting on their bike and riding around our cities definitely gets the seal of approval.


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